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Stallion Mobile Detailing is proud to offer professional and affordable detailing and pressure washing services to the Lake Norman and the surrounding areas. Each service package handles your auto, boat, and mobile vehicle with the utmost care, so contact us today and let us take care of your detailing needs and make your vehicle look like new! 


Exterior "Wash" Services Include:

•   Services performed on-site where you need us

•   Washed & hand-dried: auto body, tire, wheels, and wheel wells

•   Polished and treated: tire shine

•   Prices start at $40


Auto "Full Detail" Services Include:

•   Services performed on-site where you need us

•   Washed and hand-dried: auto body, under hood, tire, wheels, and wheel wells

•   Cleaned and vacuumed: dash board, seats, floors, trunk, doors, and windows

•   Polished and treated: wax car body, polish chrome features, tire shine, plastic shine, leather care, head light restoration

•   Additional treatments as needed/desired: windshield interior fog repellent, windshield exterior Rain-X, chrome rust treatment

•   Prices start at $120


Additional Add-on Services are available if desired:

•   Engine detail: detailed cleaning and degreasing of accessible areas of the engine compartment to remove all dust and grime

•   Plastic trim restoration: faded, dull plastic surfaces restored to opaque or glossy like-new appearance

•   Hard water spot removal from windows and painted surfaces

•   Wheel rims restoration: remove discoloration and renew surface to high-shine like-new appearance

•   Thinking about selling your car? We recommend a full-detail to ensure a quick sell and a delighted buyer


Building Pressure Washing Services Include:

•   Pressure Washed: Vinyl, brick, stucco, cement, wood siding, soffit, gutters, driveway, and sidewalks

•   Window cleaning optional

•   Mildew prevention

•   Stain treatment

•   Quoted per job depending on building size/height and condition 

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